Pain in shoulder/back side of upper arm

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Shaheda Banu

Shaheda Banu Asked 4 years ago

Hi Alois/Jeff,

I have started to get constant pain/stiffness in the shoulder/back of upper arm area.. this gets aggravated more when I practice forehand smashes/loops. Do u think it is because of the improper execution of shots or is this a side effect of TT frown. Any exercise to strengthen the area or any change in action to rectify this?



Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 4 years ago

Hi Shaheda,

It may be something that you are doing with your stroke.  Firstly try to make the stroke with as little tension as possible.  The tension in the shoulder makes the shoulder workout twice as hard as it should.

Then I would go and see a specialist about this.  Perhaps a sports physiotherapist for some professional advice on it.

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Bhavesh Gnnanapareddy

Bhavesh Gnnanapareddy Posted 4 years ago

Hi Shaheda,

I also often have these kind of pains I fell that due to regular playing of tt and regular use of wrist and arm movement the muscle in the upper arm is growing, thus leading to some pains. I feel this to be the reason as for me while I am doing any stroke after 30-45 min the arm pain starts. What I often do is when I fell the pain I stop playing for 5 min just take a break and start again. Hope this helps you.

Vinh Cao duy

Vinh Cao duy Posted 3 years ago

I have got this pain during my TT practice with forehand drive to play off heavy backspin. In this case, to release your shoulder pain should we always keep your shoulder relaxed to do this stroke. Howabout my opinion, my dear coach?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario from PingSkills Posted 3 years ago

Relaxation during your stroke will help because you are using less muscles to make the same movement but if it is hurting you should see someone.

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