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Stan Johnson

Stan Johnson Asked 7 years ago

Do you think that buying the National Hurricane 3 (Orange Sponge) from online sites such as tabletennis11 is worth it? To put it into perspective, do you think that it is still on par or close to as good as the National Hurricane 3 (Blue Sponge), which can only be provided by the Chinese National Team?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 7 years ago

Hi Stan,

It depends on your level, but I think the rubber would be OK level.

Others may have advice.

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Diego Tesoro

Diego Tesoro Posted 7 years ago

From what I know, Chinese rubbers such as Hurricane 3 are very hard to play. According to my coach, you would have to play a lot of games to be accustomed to the characteristics of Chinese rubbers. I used to play with a Hurricane 3 on my forehand and I had to make big adjustments with my game. I had to put more effort into my game. I had to lift more and make my stroke harder since the rubber is a bit slow. And one characteristic that i would like to mention is that the Hurricane 3 puts more weight on your bat. I would not recommend this rubber as a BH rubber

About the blue sponge Hurricane, it is not all the same. The orange one you're talking about is the commercial version. All blue sponge Hurricanes are all different. For example, Zhang Jike has his own special hurricane, Ma long has his own special hurricane. So I think DHS makes these blue sponge rubbers custom made for each Chinese player. The blue sponge rubbers breaks faster than the orange one (thats why Chinese players always changes their rubber) You can only get the blue sponge if you have connections in China. I know all of these because my coach uses the rubber Zhang Jike uses and sometimes uses Ma Long's. I tried using the blue sponge Hurricane and all of it feels and plays differently.

Get this if you are crazy enough to practice as much as a chinese player since this is hard to play. 

I apologise if this post is too long but i hope you will learn from this

Tushar Verma

Tushar Verma Posted 7 years ago

First thing you need to know before you buy a DHS Hurricane 3 Neo National rubber is that all the rubbers available in the market are fake DHS only produce National version for the National Team members of China like Xu Xin, Ma long, Zhang Jike.

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