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Malke Vu

Malke Vu Asked 8 years ago

Hi guys,

yesterday I had a match and my opponent has this rubbers Anti Spin BH + Short Pimples FH .

During the match I was desperate and could not think about how to react against these kinds of rubbers.

He also switch FH to BH and again so it sooooo difficult against him.

Could you give me any advise how to kill the ball effectively and push him far away from the table ?

Especially Short Pimples Rubbers make me alot of problems since pingskills has not got a : How to beat short pimples video

I hope for positive feedback  =D


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Malke,

We have done a lesson on playing short pimples.  It will be up soon.

The main thing is to play with spin against the short pimples.  They like speed but don't like spin.

These types are only difficult because you haven't played against them a lot.  In fact, they can't do much to hurt you.

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Frendy Halim

Frendy Halim Posted 8 years ago

Hi sir Alois, I have a problem with the short pimple. there're some veteran that use short pimple on their backhand. The problem is I confused what move should I do to return the ball that contacted with the short pimple.

if they put topspin, with the short pimple, what the ball will come to me ? and also if they put backspin.
and how to attack all balls from the short pimple ? It is really hard for me to attack the ball when they use the short pimple.

so the point is about the spin on the ball from the opponent short pimple to me and from my spin to their short pimple and what strokes should I do.

Please help me because I never win with that short pimple ! T,T

Jeff Plumb

Jeff Plumb from PingSkills Posted 8 years ago

The lesson on playing against short pimples is now available for our premium members.

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