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Mustajab Khan

Mustajab Khan Asked 9 years ago

Hi. I am an intermediate player and currently use Butterfly wakaba 3000. I want to level up my racket and buy a new better racket. My budget is around 100$. Please suggest me the best possible combination in Butterfly rubbers and blades. 

Mustajab A. Khan

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 9 years ago

Hi Mustajab,

I will see if others can help you out.

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atharva sakharkar

atharva sakharkar Posted 9 years ago

I think u shud use customised with a good 5ply blade nd u cn go fr yaska pryde on the both the sides nd if u the rubber to be a bitcslow then u cn goo fr mqrk5

Sammy Serea

Sammy Serea Posted 9 years ago

Hey Mustajab,

Butterfly blades and rubbers are a tad expensive. For $100 you won't even get a good Butterfly blade, let alone the rubbers.

I highly recommend you go for Yasaka or DONIC where your budget of $100 will go long a much longer way - you'll get a bigger bang for your buck.

For instance, you could get a DONIC Waldner allplay or DONIC Persson OFF or even DONIC Ovtcharov Senso V1 for $30 or so, and use the remaining $60 to get a pair of DONIC Coppa JO Platinum, Coppa JO Gold, Coppa Platinum Soft or DONIC Sonnex JP Gold rubbers any combination of which would make for an excellent tournament bat.


Sasha Dansereau

Sasha Dansereau Posted 9 years ago

What you can do is by a blade from Donic or Yasaka and put butterfly rubber on it if you want to stick with butterfly

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