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Romeo Chua

Romeo Chua Asked 8 years ago

I got a new fast blade along with fast rubbers (tenergy 05 and joola xplode) and now I can't seem to lift backspin balls properly. How do I overcome this problem? I deal with heavy backspin by the way.

(I think it is because I lost the skill, kind of like the yips.)

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Romeo,

It could be like the yips caused by the bat being so fast, however you have not lost the skill.  It is definitely still there.

If you step up too fast in the speed of your equipment, you will become more tentative because you are worried about the ball going off the table.  This in turn leads you to poking at the ball and increased tension in the arm and body.

The best thing may be to go back to a slower racket for a while till you can feel the relaxation returning to your strokes.

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