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Jinny Bat

Jinny Bat Asked 5 years ago

Hi Everybody,

I am looking for TT enthusiast to play TT on regular basis in Delhi, posting here as finding it very difficult to find a descent player.

I cant rate my self but i play descent.



Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 5 years ago

Hi Jinny,

Hopefully we will find someone for you.

Do you play in a club?  If not, people may know of some clubs that you can join.

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Jinny Bat

Jinny Bat Posted 5 years ago

Thanks for your reply, as of now i am not playing anywhere, looking for some practice partners/players to play anywhere in delhi(preferred in east delhi) either in club or complex.



Sumit Saxena

Sumit Saxena Posted 5 years ago

Hello Jinny...

I am also from delhi & plays in sports complexes mostly in west delhi.

U can find many good players there.U may join on weekends in Pitam pura,Paschim vihar,hari nagar sports complex :-)

Abhimanyu Grover

Abhimanyu Grover Posted 4 years ago

Hey, I've been also looking for a partner to play TT - let me know when and where.

piyush kumar

piyush kumar Posted 4 years ago

hi if u still want to play please reply i m looking for table tennis partner in west delhi 

Zakaul Haque

Zakaul Haque Posted 4 years ago

Hi I also need a partner for TT in Vasant Kunj sport complex 

If any body interested please let me know

punit pal

punit pal Posted 3 years ago

Hey I play TT in my college and I think I play decent enough. If there is any one of you who can play with me in south west delhi.then pls reply

Sumit Saxena

Sumit Saxena Posted 3 years ago

Ok I think manyvpeople need partners in delhi for table tennis. You can post your number I will make a whatsapp group & all can cordinate through it... :-)

Tushar Verma

Tushar Verma Posted 3 years ago

I also play in Saket Sports Complex. I heard that Vasant Kunj TT players are awesome player I would like to play with someone from their.


Sumit Saxena

Sumit Saxena Posted 3 years ago

I went to saket once, nobody was there, not even a single player on saturday!!!

Sumit Saxena

Sumit Saxena Posted 3 years ago


punit pal

punit pal Posted 3 years ago

Well my contact no is 9555475705 

U can also contact me over fb.

Tushar Verma

Tushar Verma Posted 3 years ago

Sumit I will be their on next Saturday at 4 or 4:15 pm If you want to that day you are most welcome.

Tushar Verma

Tushar Verma Posted 3 years ago

On 3 October 

Sumit Saxena

Sumit Saxena Posted 3 years ago

Tushar...tell me the location please.

Jinny Bat

Jinny Bat Posted 3 years ago

Its been around 1 year i played TT, if anyone of you interested in playing let me know. We could plan for this weekend ( not sure about my playing efficiency now, possibly would have been downgraded very much :P)

Tushar Verma

Tushar Verma Posted 3 years ago

Sumit, Saket Sports Complex I'll be their on 3 October At 4:15pm

Amit Gulati

Amit Gulati Posted 3 years ago

Hi I want to play table tennis today. Pls call me at 9999660891. M in gurgaon and has a spare bat. Know a place. Need a partener. M good but not professional. Happy knocking?

Abhishek Chandra

Abhishek Chandra Posted 3 years ago

I live in dwarka 9871827926 can plan.. 

varun jain

varun jain Posted 2 years ago

i need a partner to play at vasant kunj sports complex. My no is 9810718757.

Best, Varun

Deepu Surendran

Deepu Surendran Posted 2 years ago

Hello Sir,

I am too in need of a partner in Kollam, Kerala or in Trivandrum, Kerala. Please help. Thank you.

Anubhav Sethi

Anubhav Sethi Posted 2 years ago

I need a partner, in West delhi, rohini parampura. 


My no is 9868977060, call or leave a sms

Irtiza Quraishi

Irtiza Quraishi Posted 2 years ago

I live in old Delhi.  Have a table as well..  Need good players to play with..  8750046017. Call me if you wanna play this weekend..  

Kannan VS

Kannan VS Posted 2 years ago

Hi Deepu Surendran,


Can we play in Trivandrum ? 

Deepu Surendran

Deepu Surendran Posted 2 years ago

Hi Kannan, please give your contact number or u can call me at 99470 33035

Abhishek Chandra

Abhishek Chandra Posted 2 years ago

Hi jini I can play in Delhi.. I live in dwarka and can play.. 9871827926 

Aman Amulani

Aman Amulani Posted 2 years ago

Hi, My name is Aman Amulani & I can play anywhere in South Delhi.! 

Aman Amulani

Aman Amulani Posted 2 years ago

My Number- 8178209215

Puneet Nagi

Puneet Nagi Posted 2 years ago



you all can play table tennis in North Delhi at Jiyo Table Tennis on charges bases its Rs. 150 per table for 1Hr.  we are also open on Saturday and Sunday. we have STAG International Tables call me at 9654812364  or




Gandharv Agrawal

Gandharv Agrawal Posted 2 years ago

is there any good player available in east Delhi to play with me at yamuna sports complex? i used to play a lot and i am regaining my skills slowly because i have no partner. it would be helpful to get a good partner. just contact me.

Gandharv Agrawal

Gandharv Agrawal Posted 2 years ago

my contact number is 9910206719.


Himanshu Singh

Himanshu Singh Posted 2 years ago

Hi Gandharv - Just texted you. Can play on the weekends @ YSC. Talk soon. 9911657999

Sumit Dey

Sumit Dey Posted 2 years ago

Hi all,

I am looking for a table tennis partner in west delhi most probably to play at dwarka sports complex or hari nagar sports complex or their vicinity. My contact # is 9999765148. Do call me or text.

Vardhika  Jain

Vardhika Jain Posted 2 years ago

Hi I am looking for a place and partner to play in South Delhi. Please let me know if there is a sports complex nearby and people who would like to play.

i am a decent player however quite out of practice. Need to get back in the game.


thanks in advance ?

Vardhika  Jain

Vardhika Jain Posted 2 years ago

My contact no. Is +91-9991651610

Prashast Kachru

Prashast Kachru Posted 2 years ago

Hey, I live in South Delhi and I'd be happy to be among people who enjoy playing the sport. Looking forward to connecting with people who are searching for partners to play table tennis with in Delhi. My number is 9810088227.

Kapil Kapil

Kapil Kapil Posted 1 year ago

Hey everyone. Glad to know that I'm not the only one searching something like that on google. The problem with table tennis in India is that the game is underrated here and also there's huge difference in level of play even if you are lucky enough to find a practice partner. 

So describing my game I play nice attacking forehand topspin (although not consistent)  and backhand blocks. Weak footwork and backhand topspin. 

In desperate need of a dedicated practice partner. I live in Gurugram but I can travel to Delhi for the love of sport. 

Anyone interested please drop a text on 9205079629 / 

Dinakar  Sadineni

Dinakar Sadineni Posted 1 year ago

I'm Dinkar. I'm here in Delhi for vacation and I play decent if not great.

I live in Noida and seeking someone to play. 

Available all week long, contact me @

Prashant Prashant

Prashant Prashant Posted 1 year ago

Hi, I am Prashant and looking for a table tennis partner in nearby Central Delhi. Let me know if someone interested, want to do some practice. My contact number is 9971311215. A good competitor.

Golu G

Golu G Posted 1 year ago

hi want to improve my game of tt. Can anyone suggest me where , i can train in delhi , in a club or with any good tt  players who can help me improve . Anyone intrested or have suggestions ? Please leave a comment .

Golu G

Golu G Posted 1 year ago

Basically looking for tt partners with whom i can practice and improve .

Jinny Bat

Jinny Bat Posted 1 year ago

After a long i wish to start again anyone interested in playing in CWG?

Madhur  Malhotra

Madhur Malhotra Posted 1 year ago

Hey there,

Anyone for weekends, I'm available for Yamuna Sports Complex and can also reach to CWG, Akshardham. I play at intermediate level. Drop a mail at

Deependra Singh

Deependra Singh Posted 1 year ago

hi, i am vicky living in south delhi. Looking for a tt partner. Anyone interested, do ping me. I was a decentish(decent is always relative though) player, now out of practice. If anyone looking for a tt partner, ping me. Number 7022259256

Harshill Singh

Harshill Singh Posted 1 year ago

Hello, my name is harshill and I'm too looking for someone to play with. I also have a table. WhatsApp me at 8587898856.


Riza Naqvi

Riza Naqvi Posted 1 year ago

Hello. I am Riza. I want to play table tennis. My preferred location would be South Delhi. Anyone interested, text me on 9650480505.

aman singh

aman singh Posted 1 year ago

hello!! this is aman singh and i live in defence colony, south delhi. last played t.t some 12 years ago and it made me super athletic...would love to start playing again on very regular basis.  

aman singh

aman singh Posted 1 year ago

i was a decent player back then..i am available to play/practise at some club in close vicinity to defence colony or may be at someones house as well...i'll be happy to even pool in to buy a table n bats in order to play on regular basis. 


LALIT ARORA Posted 1 year ago

hi friends, i m a resident of north delhi(outram line)and use to play few yrs back.Is there any one playing good n looking for a partner in north delhi? I m having a tt table in my home. Anyone interesting in playing can wats app or call me on this number 9899951579.

Ankit Aggarwal

Ankit Aggarwal Posted 1 year ago

Hi friends, I am a resident of Central Delhi near Cannaught place. I am looking for table tennis partner, please call me or whatsapp me on +91 8826728272.

Biren Biren

Biren Biren Posted 1 year ago

Hi.. I am looking for a TT partner preferably in South Delhi..hopefully to play on a regular basis. Regularly in the evening and for an extended session on weekends.  Vasant Kunj, Siri Fort or else anywhere near by South Delhi is OK for me... in case any1 is whatsapp on 9717138839

Hanish Pahuja Hani

Hanish Pahuja Hani Posted 1 year ago

I want to play Table Tennis in Gurgaon..I live in old gurgaon and interschool state level player..if anyone has table then contact me 9755545450


Bonnie Thomas

Bonnie Thomas Posted 1 year ago

Hi my name is Bonnie Joe Thomas. I stay at Gautam Nagar  near green park metro. I used to play TT at my school level and at my MBBS level, but now out of practice for a very long time. If anyone interested in playing TT near my area pls message me or call(what's app) 7042780201. 

Manoze  Chhetri

Manoze Chhetri Posted 1 year ago

Hey Guys, I am looking for Advanced level (preferably)  players or Intermediate level players practice with. I have been playing regularly past 4 years. I live in South Delhi (JNU). We can play at JNU as well as out anywhere within cycling distance from JNU. My phone no is 9811437566. 

Vardhan Grover

Vardhan Grover Posted 1 year ago

Hey Guys!

Even I’m looking for someone to play with on a daily basis, preferably near Paschim Vihar (West Delhi). I’m available to play in a club/complex every evening on weekdays and morning/evening on weekends. Used to play during my school and college days, so I’m not new to the sport and want to get back on track and play this wonderful sport.

If anyone is interested, drop me a message on this thread. 


Akansha Singh

Akansha Singh Posted 10 months ago

Hii I am Akansha from Saket . I am a decent table tennis player but I am out of practice since ages and so want to resume my practice with some decent player who can be of the intermediate level and not too advanced . So if anyone is interested just ping me on 8826113631

Himanshu Goyal

Himanshu Goyal Posted 10 months ago

Hey guys 

I am himanshu living in sector 53 gurgaon, looking for someone with good skills in table tennis to play with on weekends

Let me know if someone is interested




T A KANDHAN Posted 10 months ago

Hi I am looking for TT partners in Central Delhi(Tables available near Udyog Bhawan Metro) or South Delhi in evenings 6-7.30 pm on weekdays and anytime on weekends. My level is basic. if interested send email to

Ashutosh Ashu

Ashutosh Ashu Posted 10 months ago

Where to play table tennis in south delhi whatsapp no 9140213427


Meer Saif

Meer Saif Posted 9 months ago

Hi there,

I from South Ex and been constantly playing TT everyday at Office for 3 years now. Now I wanna play more with decent players during evening time and weekends. Please ping me or guide me any club where I can play. 



vasundhara krishna

vasundhara krishna Posted 8 months ago

I live in Mayur Vihar-2. there are some decent close by places to play table tennis. best is the Commonwealth Games Village. I would really appreciate if someone is willing to play along with me. I used to play in DU for my college team. playing with me wont be boring for sure.

Sahil Agarwal Sahil

Sahil Agarwal Sahil Posted 6 months ago

Hello. I live in East Delhi and looking for partner to play table tennis on weekends- Saturday and Sunday. I am playing TT for 3 years now and I play between  somewhat good. If someone can join me on any location or sports complex in East delhi. Please contact me. I can also come to CWG sports complex. Whatsapp me @8287746826

Tim Hunger

Tim Hunger Posted 6 months ago

Hi. I live in Bamberg /Germany and I am looking for good table tennis players. I've been

playing table tennis for 3 years and if you are interested, just right to me

My Email is: 

Sanjeev SK

Sanjeev SK Posted 5 months ago

Sonepat ( Haryana ) 

Hi All , 

I am playing TT from last 5 yr , anyone Descent player interested to play Daily basis , pl call or What'sapp me @8588835758 

Vikas Dogra Bobby

Vikas Dogra Bobby Posted 5 months ago

Hello, I live in east Delhi and looking for a partner to play table tennis at CWG on regular basis - morning 6:30 am to 8:00 am. If somebody can join me please contact me @ 9968939407

Manish Vardhan Manish

Manish Vardhan Manish Posted 5 months ago

Hello everyone, I live in Dwarka Sector - 1 and planning to play TT at Dwarka Sports Complex Sector - 11, 110075. I'm looking for a partner to play TT on a regular basis (around 8 PM on weekdays and afternoon on weekends, need not to play everyday).

Please contact me (or ping on whatsapp) on +91-8861617786 if you are interested.

PS: I play descent.


Ishan Agrawal

Ishan Agrawal Posted 4 months ago

Hi guys, I shall be in delhi from last week of march till june first week. Want to play TT on a regular basis after 5 pm

Don't want to join a club or something but play normally as fun and to keep myself fit. I shall be playing somewhere around kanhaiya nagar, janakpuri, uttam nagar  rajouri garden and such areas. 


JONGSOO LEE Posted 1 month ago

Hi, I'd love to play TT from tomorrow on regular basis in DDA Saket Sports Complex. It doesn't matter for me to play early in the morning(6:00 am) or in the evening(6:00 pm). Please feel free to contact to me on +91-95603-94107.

Thank you :)

Shubham Gupta

Shubham Gupta Posted 1 month ago

@ishan agrawal i m also in uttam nagar for 1 month if u are still interested then we can play

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