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Pasquale Mule

Pasquale Mule Asked 7 years ago

Hi Alois, last week i had my frist table tennis tournament in Liberia Costa Rica, and everybody is trying to help me find a trainer but its not that easy, and one of the Liberian coaches told me that i had to practice a lot more my footwork, balance and fastness and he was really good and I was making many mistakes on my strokes, so an important question is:

Should i practice at first my consistency so I make less mistakes, or I should practice first what the coach told me to do so I react faster? also I lost due to my consistency and not reacting faster.

thanks for reading!

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 7 years ago

Hi Pasquale,

Firstly well done on playing your first tournament.

It is greta that you have found people that are willing to help you.

You can practice both your technique and your movement.  They are things that you can work on simultaneously.  They are all part of the basic techniques that you need to master.

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