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arif somjee

arif somjee Asked 8 years ago

Hi Alois and Jeff,

Really love your website, you guys are so gifted and kind, and do seem to know everything about table tennis.

My question is, I have monocular vision, used to play as a kid, now after many years, seriously picked table tennis up a year ago and started practicing a lot, going to the local table tennis club, watching your website, even bought a robot to practice with.  Problem is, people who started with me at my level have all progressed well and now handily beat me. What I want is a big favor. if one of you can close one eye- tape one eye  and tell how much difficult is it to play with one eye. And tell me the answer whether am I ever going to get really better or will  I always struggle?

Sam- not my real name

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Sam,

It will be more difficult with monocular vision as depth perception will be hampered.  However, it doesn’t mean you can’t improve.  It just means it will take more time and effort.

Keep working hard and see where you can get to.  Don’t worry about where others get to, focus purely on your own progress.  You will have other attributes that other players don’t have such as determination that will benefit you.

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arif somjee

arif somjee Posted 8 years ago


thanks for your encouragement. If you can think of any drills that might help my particular situation please let me know.





D K Posted 8 years ago

I think I can understand you arif

I do not have monocular vision,but I cannot see fast movements.

When my opponent makes a faster loop,it becomes nearly invisible.

My opponent himself turns into a swirling mass of foggy something during the fast stroke.

Despite this,I am training to be a classical defender.

Without my glasses,I am nearly blind
For example,if you have seen any of pingskills team's videos,if Alois would have a blue clothing,I would probably never find him in their blue training hall.
I am not sure if I would even find that blue table despite its size.

I have tried to play with one eye,and I must say it is really difficult.
I normally get on the table 20% of balls
With one eye,I was able to return only 20 balls


arif somjee

arif somjee Posted 8 years ago

thanks DK for understanding, hope you become a great  classic defender. I wish  I can find others with my situation and how they have overcome this handicap.



D K Posted 8 years ago

Youre welcome.

I thnik there is no way for me to become a good player.


I  have trained for more than three months,and never won

I have never won EVEN ANY SET.
I have lost against many players who have trained for only a few months.

Even against those who had a problem with holding the bat correctly or had a sky-high serves.

98% of players around me are endlessly repeating "You must be a bothwings attacker,you cannot be good with defense,nonaggressive strokes have no place in the game" etc etc.
This is one of the main reason why I decided to persevere and focus on all that means defense-blocking,lobbing,throwing,but mainly chopping

Marcin Lonak

Marcin Lonak Posted 8 years ago


i dont have monocular vision, but maybe something to say witch will help you. I'm sure determination as Alois said will be the key. I think you can develope some strong abilities witch will make playing against you strange and hard. Take for example just the feeling of hitting the ball. I think the key in your case could be not to focus to much on tracking the ball with your sight witch is obviously your weak and not changeable point.

I am a professional drummer. I know a drummer who has no arms and crippled legs. And he plays thanks to his will, dedication, determination and some tricks very beautiful Drums In a way on a really high level (he can not play loud or fast) with lots of joy. He sticks the sticks to his shoulders and has a special construction for the pedals. He uses very small drums. 

There was also this blind child who was able to ride bicycle and play video games.

i think your case is not that dramatical. Maybe you'll never beat ma long, but there is a funny video where he plays against a robot with covered eyes. I think some day with enough training you could beat him if he would cover one eye.

arif somjee

arif somjee Posted 8 years ago

thanks for your  thoughtful comment

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