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Melvyn HTS

Melvyn HTS Asked 5 years ago

Ok so,my history is:

I played with a champion in my club,a elderly veteran. I would play a normal match with 5 sets.

I played 6 match against him and lost all which is a shame,I nearly win all encounters but could not convert key moments.

I remember once he was down 2 sets and I was winning the last set at 7-1,then unforced errors exploded like bomb which cost me the match.

Usually I made a good start,probably winning first 2 sets straight,and finally lost the match 3-2,the damage comes when he is getting used to my service and chop my service each time to make point longer and harder to win for me.

The last match I played was at 3 sets which I lost again 2-1,this was a really important match in a tournament organised in the club im in which determined the first place and second place,obviously if he beat me,he will be first and I will be second and no one can beat him in this division

The score was 7-11,14-12,8-11

I was winning the last set at 8-5,then from no where I made 5 unforced errors in a row,this is very frustrating

Im used to his service at my forehand side but when he changed to my backhand side,I struggled a bit.

Btw Im shakehand and his penhold.

I have a side spin service and vary shot from far corner, I usually use an aggressive 3rd ball attack, i'm good at smash,

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 5 years ago

Hi Melvyn,

Self confidence is part of the mental game.

The most important thing here is your emotional control.  The strokes or the game are clearly not the issue in trying to beat him as you have shown to yourself that you are competitive with him and can get your self into winning positions.  However, at this stage you do not truly believe in your ability to beat him.  When those moments happen a few things will be happening to your body.  You will start getting tight in different areas of the body.  Probably the shoulders and also the legs will stop working properly.  When this happens you need to have some tools to be able to help yourself get back to a more relaxed state.

Take a look through the section we have on Sports Psychology.  In there you will find some interesting tutorials.  Take a look especially at the first one on Recognise Your Feelings.  I am sure you will relate to this one well.

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Melvyn HTS

Melvyn HTS Posted 4 years ago

Oh just an update,I been able to defeat him in last 3-4 matches,1 in tournament but only best of 3 sets

Im more consistent in backhand side which was a bit my weakness and I develop a new service with side spin or backspin just for him,aiming directly at his forehand side(weaker side),which enable me to smash the point with backhand flip

But up today, Im not able to perform top spin serve consistently,should I continue to practice it,I mean will it serve me in a way?

There is another guy where I defeat him with ease many times ago,lately he is been able to get use to most of my service and strokes,he use long service to my forehand or in middle which sometime I made poor return or even own fault,he can deal with most of my backspin stroke,he even can smash when I made a poor backhand chop/push on table,sometimes he changed position as receiver when I serve,like he already know where Im aiming,he returns with chop/push backhand

He mainly remain near the table and block all my strokes which sometimes caught me by surprise if the ball lands far in my side on table,he is shakehand,even my new service he is able to return,but I notice that long services he cannot return most,I can do wide service but they mainly go out so I dont use often,any solutions?

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