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Euhan Chin

Euhan Chin Asked 11 years ago

HI Alois. Was thrilled to see you on TV at the Commonwealth games.

They featured you quite a bit during time outs and in between sets giving advice to the national players. When playing against India and Malaysia, you were quite animated in giving advice to Jian Fang Lay the inverted/pimple penholder when she was losing. There was no sound and I am not very good at lip reading. What were you advising her? At the international level, are there any weaknesses per se that you could capitilise on the other player or is it just confidence building words?

Interested to know.


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Hi Euhan,

If the players are reasonably level in ability, there is always something that the other player has problems with.  Usually it is a matter of finding the correct direction to play or working on the correct speed or spin.

If you take a look at the PingSkills Vault you will see that we outline there the things that you and everyone needs to focus on when playing a game.  If you follow these steps you will see that there is a simple plan that you can use. Of course the player has to have the ability to execute what they need to.

With Jian Fang Lay it was a matter of getting her to attack the ball when she had the opportunity off a slower ball.  She was creating the slower ball by giving her opponent a slower ball with the long pimples.  She was able to do this on several occasions.  It worked against both opponents.  The Indian was able to adapt enough to win the match. 

Sometimes in those situations it is also a matter of building confidence, but that comes with a good game plan. 

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