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Mark L

Mark L Asked 9 years ago

Dear Coach,

 I did not play table tennis for about 3 months and stopped proper training for 6 months. Recently I decided to have a game with my friends and realised that my accuracy had dropped. I tried forehand loop, my goodness, it flew out of the table. i re-adjust the angle of the bat, the ball hit the net. I am so confused.

I put in less strength, the ball hit the opponent side, however it is very weak, and it is so advantagous to my opponent that he smash. Or when I put in less strength, with the blade angle still quite close, the ball hit the net. My friends told me that my stroke is still there.

So what is the problem with me? and how can i save myself? =(

Jeff Plumb

Jeff Plumb Answered 9 years ago

Hi Mark,

I would think you just need a bit more practice to get your stroke back. See if you can arrange a few training sessions just to work on your consistency. I think you'll find that you can quickly get your stroke back to it's original level with a bit of work.

Good luck and let me know if you improve with a bit more practice.

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