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Darien Cheng

Darien Cheng Asked 7 years ago

I've been dedicated and love the sport. Ive played seriously for 6 months and watched all your free vids. 

I seem to be getting nowhere and not improving enough to actually improve my game. My school club are full of recreational players that just play for fun and dont really help me train, and the really good people could care less about helping me. It really destroys my spirit and makes me almost want to stop playing.  So im thinking about joining a club and actually get better and show everyone back in my club over the summer. Since you coach at one how does it work. Do you get a membership or pay per table time. I am kind of nervous since ive never been to one. Have any advice what i should do when i get there so I actually get help and improve.

Really be helpful if you give me a in depth answer cause i need so help.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 7 years ago

Hi Darien,

Joining a club is a great idea.  We recommend it as an important step to anyones improvement.

When you get there see what their system is.  each club is a little bit different.  Some are very structured and have times that you can get coaching and play matches, others are casual and you can just go there when they are open and try to find a partner to hit with.

The first step is to get there and see what they have to offer.  Do it, it will be worthwhile for your improvement.

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