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Matt Parish

Matt Parish Asked 6 months ago


I was just wondering what training drills I could possibly do with the iPong v300 and some possible settings that I could set it to as well? 


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 6 months ago

Hi Matt,

I haven't used that robot.  One of our readers that has one may be able to help you.

The main things to look for are the placement and the spin that you can generate.

It looks like it can generate topspin or backspin and it can oscillate.  Use the oscillate function to help you with your movement.

You can set it up to do a lot of drills but I find that robots are most useful initially to improve a technique.

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Rohan I am

Rohan I am Posted 6 months ago

I have one.  Drills are virtually impossible with the v300. The oscillation is a random pattern only - you cannot even set it to simply do left/right/left/right.  Even with the v300 on a stand 1/2 a metre or so behind the table, the lack of cues makes anticipating ball place extremely difficult, even at low frequency.  Combined with the inherent poor consistency of the v300 (no 2 consecutive balls are delivered the same way) even with oscillation off, means at best it is only useful for practicing single techniques.  Even that can get frustrating because of the inconsistency but at least it provides some (unintended) randomised training.

You can attempt some simple footwork drills though - where you are the one moving, not the robot, e.g. set it up to do a long topspin or backspin into your backhand corner and alternate between responding with a backhand loop and stepping around to to use your forehand loop.  You can even incorporate shadow play by setting the frequency to 1 for a particular stroke and in between move to an alternate position, do a shadow stroke, and then back to meet the next ball.

If you invent any new ones Matt, post back here - I'd love some new ideas.  Cheers.

P.S. I'll be ditching the iPong soon and replacing it with something that can do side spin and is programmable, unless someone out there has the iPong base code so I can reprogram it.  ;-)

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