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Last updated 7 years ago

gavish pandya

gavish pandya Asked 8 years ago

i am 13 i have started table tennis could i play international tt tornaments

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Gavish,

If you are improving fast and really enjoying the sport then you can reach international level.

Do you play in a club?  This is a good first step.  Then you can play some tournaments and move on from there.

There are more junior international events now so if you can reach the level, the opportunities are there.

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Viet Dang Xuan

Viet Dang Xuan Posted 8 years ago

Actually it's really hard to be spotted by national coaches. Being spotted by them is the only way to get us to international tournaments (I am 13 years old too :)) The only way to be spotted is to join lower tournaments such as city or district tournaments and then get a place that is enough to be qualified to the higher tournaments. I am about to compete in my first tournament (district tournament) and I hope I can play in the national tournament :)

Long Regain

Long Regain Posted 7 years ago

ng` việt thì nói tiếng việt luôn đi 
@Viet Dang Xuan

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