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Michael O'Connor

Michael O'Connor Asked 3 years ago


First, I want to thank you for your "Improving Your Strokes? video.  I have MDS, a degenerative form of incurable blood cancer, and I need all of the efficient movements, like relaxing my shoulder, you have for me.  I play with older folks at 5 different clubs, 4 of which are closed for the virus.  The open one only allows just 9 players at a time and, with my condition, I'm reluctant to kick any of my friends off the rotation.

So for now all of your vids get me going vicariously.  Thanks a ton.  Go North Melbourne Kangaroos, regardless of their record.

Second, do you have more efficiency saving advice?

Mike O'Connor

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 3 years ago

Hi Mike,

Good to hear about how you are progressing with developing your game.

Clubs here in Melbourne are all closed at the moment as well but hopefully we will see some progress over the next few months.

Efficiency is important for everyone but I see is more vital for you.  The main thing is to examine this closely as you are playing and see which muscles are actually helping with the process and which are hindering you.  The shoulder as we pointed out is one that often sabotages our stroke.  The hand and fingers I think are the next biggest culprits.  Focus on how loose you have your fingers around the handle and then see how relaxed you can keep your wrist... but of course still keep hold of the bat!

As far as movement, think about placing your self in the middle of the optimal area that your opponent can hit the ball.  This often only changes by a small distance after each shot.  Then you will have to work out for yourself what level of leg bend is most efficient for you.  The more you bend the more explosive your movements can be however, it also takes a lot more ene=rgy to play that way.  Keep exploring and you will find an efficiency for yourself.

As far as North Melbourne Kangaroos... not either of our favourites... I support Richmond Tigers and Jeff supports Geelong Cats.  Glad that you like Aussie Rules Footy!

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