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Eris Qarolli

Eris Qarolli Asked 3 years ago

Hello Alois 

My forehand is pretty good, I have a lot of control and power with it, but I'm finding that I just can't play a good backhand. My BH is not nearly in the level my FH is, so how can I improve my BH in training?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 3 years ago

Hi Eris,

In training focus on this side.  Get your partner to hit 80% of shots to your backhand side.

This will tend to improve your backhand naturally.

Make sure first that you are using correct technique for the stroke.  Check the tutorial on the Backhand Counterhit and Backhand Topspin Against Block to get these correct.

Then in practice games also focus in making sure that your re more ready for your backhand side.  Set yourself a rule of what part of the table you need to play backhands from and stay with that for the game.

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Eris Qarolli

Eris Qarolli Posted 3 years ago

Thank you Alois

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