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k g

k g Asked 12 years ago

hi coach hope all is well and you\'re in good health. I am 34 and I have a happy history with ping pong. not at competition level, never tried. So my q is if I say that being at age of 34 I will train to be a big contender in this sport.. is it a realistic drea or an extreme dream. I know you cannot be a concert pianist staring at age 34 but is is really the same with ping pong? I really wanna compete at world arena, what do you think? and I am serious. and thanks for the cool videos i really enjoy them at you tube. the best ping pong training videos so far.

be well do good work and stay in touch


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 12 years ago

Hi Kerim,

I think the concert pianist analogy is pretty accurate here.

However, it is important to keep improving and to reach whatever level you can. If you keep reaching for a higher goal, you may still reach a very good level.

Thanks for your kind words about our videos.  Jeff and I appreciate the great comments and feedback we receive.  It helps us to keep working at helping players. 

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