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shoaib shaikh Unknown

shoaib shaikh Unknown Asked 14 years ago

hi there i wanted to ask that i'm finding it difficult to play against choppers i mean to say that they play chop for each of my return pls reply

Jeff Plumb

Jeff Plumb Answered 14 years ago

Hi Shoaib,

When playing choppers, you need to be able to play a good topspin against a backspin ball. Watch our lesson on the Forehand Topspin Against Backspin if you need some help with this. Practice this stroke over and over again, it is a vital stroke in Table Tennis.

Then I would concentrate on the following two points:

  1. Watch the spin - It is crucial against a defensive player to be able to tell if the ball was chopped with a lot of backspin or a little backspin.
  2. Direction - Try hitting your attacking shots into the body of the chopper cramping them for room and then wide to either side.

I believe these two points are the most important in improving your game against defensive choppers. I often see attacking players hitting 5 or 6 amazing, powerful forehands straight into the perfect spot for a chopper to make an easy return. And then I watch a player who is good against choppers and even though they do not hit the same amazing shots, they win the points easily by using good placement and attacking the right ball by reading the spin.

Good luck Shoaib. Let us know if these tips help you out next time you play a chopper.

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