How to play against "cheap bat"?

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Michal Michal

Michal Michal Asked 8 years ago


I've got a problem with playing against people who use bats from a sports shop which cost like 1 euro. These bats have rubbers I think without any friction and tackiness. How to play against this kind of bat? Why do I ask? Because yesterday I was on a tournament where you have to win 5 matches to gain points. I drew 3 really tough opponents, one not really tough and one with this cheap bat. First 3 matches were really difficult for me, I won all of them 3:2. The first match I was losing 0:2 and 3:10 in the third set, but fortunately I won, I couldn't believe that and I thought that I have to win the rest. I won four matches and I had the last game with the guy who was using this cheap bat. Everybody told me, that he doesn't play well, that it is going to be an ease win for me. I knew not to trifle him, and play the best I can. Anyway I lost it 1:3. I didn't know how to play, what to do. I am used to play against opponents who rotate the ball really hard, play fast top spins, and generally they are good players. All of a sudden there comes a guy who doesn't even know how to hold the bat well, doesn't  play any top spins, just pushes the ball over the net and wins. All my attacks landed on the net or flew into space. What should I do?


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Michal,

This is something that you will get used to the more you play against it.

It is a part of the game that you will need to develop.  The hard bats will tend to reverse the spin on the ball.  If you haven't played against it before it will be really difficult however it is a part of the game that is part of getting better.

As frustrating as it may be, if you treat it as a rubber that reverses spin then you will be able to start to learn.

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