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Aaron Lin

Aaron Lin Asked 6 years ago

So when doing the forehand topspin (and backhand also, but in this question i'm mainly referring to the forehand topspin), what is the best way to control where the ball goes? What i mean is to get it to go cross court, to their middle, to their backhand side, down the line, etc.

I've heard of 3 ways to do this: 1 is changing the angle of the wrist to change this, but i've also heard some say that changing wrist is actually not good, and it affects the technique.

2 I've heard is the direction your torso is facing, is the direction the ball will go, assuming proper technique. So change the direction you face

3 is that if i contact the ball earlier on it will go cross court, and if contacted a bit later, will go down the line.

Now are these correct and what is the best way in regards to placement of the ball?? 


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 6 years ago

Hi Aaron,

Yes you can do all 3 of those things.

Using your wrist and timing is the best way to change direction.  If you are changing your body position you give your opponent too much early information about where the ball is going.

The wrist can be effective as long as you keep the rest of your stroke the same.

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