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Zhang Bo Lin

Zhang Bo Lin Asked 8 years ago

Hello again, PingSkills!
       How do you defeat an unusual opponent? He seem to have long pips on her forehand, and inverted rubber on her backhand.
She mostly attacks with her RPB but blocks with her TPB if there is tons of spin on the ball. Forehand might seem like the answer, but she suddenly uses the back of her bat to drive or topspin the ball! I guess you could call it RPF? Crossover point? Her TPB takes care of it. Help!

Thank you!!

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Zhang,

She sounds like a tricky player to play.  I think wide to her forehand may be the way to go.  She is probably more used to changing onto backhand side and putting more variations on the ball.

On the forehand side it may give you more time and be easier to read.

Try to play with her as often as you can and you will become more used to her play.


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