How to beat a pusher

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Last updated 3 months ago

elly bajarias

elly bajarias Asked 4 months ago

hi there,

I struggle to deal with pushers.. ill end up pushing too which I hate it ...I need to  turn it to topspin game

cos when pushing ill always end up losing hate  tit and tat ..

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 4 months ago

Hi Elly,

I think the best idea is to attack early in the rally.  Ince you get into the rut of pushing it is more difficult to make the attacking ball.

If you can do it on the 3rd ball it becomes much easier as you can set it up with your serve or return of serve.

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elly bajarias

elly bajarias Posted 4 months ago

thanks Alois noted ..  See how it goes 


Gerard Tran

Gerard Tran Posted 3 months ago

This video by Tom Lodziak may also help you too:

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