How should I switch blades but keep the same rubber?

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Steven Lee Lee

Steven Lee Lee Asked 7 years ago

So I've been playing table tennis for a year or so and I have a really aggressive playing style that most people find hard to play against. The problem is however my coach says I need a new blade but my rubbers are fine. I have a joo sae hyuk blade that is for defensive players and I want a cheap offensive blade that is light. My rubbers are hurricane 3 and tenergy 64. All I want is a new cheap blade under 50 and learn how to remove rubber and put it on my new blade. Thank you love your videos

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 7 years ago

Hi Steven,

It is possible to change blades.  The thing you have to be careful of though is that the new blade is smaller or the same size as your old blade so the rubber still fits.

We have the PingSkills Touch which may just fit your budget.

We also have a video on Replacing Your Rubber which may also help.

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