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Table Tennis Match Strategy

Last updated 7 years ago

ismael metioui

ismael metioui Asked 7 years ago

Hi, I have a problem i know how to do topspin forehand and backhand, flick, loop, serving etc.I don't know the way to get better I know every technique and how to use it I don't know how to get better could you help me please.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 7 years ago

Hi Ismael,

The next thing is to play more matches so that you get used to utilising you strokes in a match situation and also putting the strokes together in patterns that help you to win points.

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martinand bernard

martinand bernard Posted 7 years ago

to play with less good than you you can test all your strokes with a better is difficult, but not all the time

Gordon L

Gordon L Posted 7 years ago

Playing matches against stronger players will allow you to see where your weaknesses are.  If possible, record your matches to see where you're losing your points.  Once you know where you're losing points, then practice/drill those situations.

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