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AmekunRaiane Rivadeneira

AmekunRaiane Rivadeneira Asked 10 years ago

Good day coach :)

The usual service is holding the ball in the middle of your palm and tossing it up

Me and my friends sometimes get confused in the proper way of holding/tossing the ball during service

My Friend Holds the ball, raising his hand high, letting go of the ball then it drops in the paddle.  Is this kind of service legal? and sometimes before he drops it, he spins it then it drops in the paddle

we always argue about this rule

Thanks Coach :)

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Raiane,

The service rule says that the ball has to rise up from the hand at least 16cm.  That means you aren't allowed to just drop it.  That would be the other players point.

You also are not allowed to spin the ball with your hand.  This is also against the rules and would be the receiver's point.

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AmekunRaiane Rivadeneira

AmekunRaiane Rivadeneira Posted 10 years ago

thanks coach :)

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