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Kon Unknown

Kon Unknown

Last updated on 13-Jan-2009 11:01:18 PM

Hi, I have been playing table tennis for a while now and I have been buying rackets that have been pre-made. I am now going to buy a Stiga Hybrid Wood and what type of handle that I want. It asks for either a Penhold or a Flared (Master) type handle. Obviously I cannot buy the Penhold blade because i am a shakehand player. Is Flared (Master) type blade the right one to choose?

Jeff Plumb

and Jeff Plumb said...

Hi Kon,

It really is a matter of personal preference. Try holding the bat in your hand and see if it feels comfortable. Comfort is the most important thing to consider when choosing different types of handles.

What rubbers are you going to choose for your new Stiga Hybrid Wood blade? 

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Charles Unknown

Charles Unknown commented...

on the 13-Jan-2009 01:50:52 AM
It's pretty much obvious that the Flared(Master) version is for you since you are shakehand.
Kon Unknown

Kon Unknown commented...

on the 13-Jan-2009 01:56:31 PM

I am leaning towards Yasaka Mark V rubbers on both sides (2mm)


Jeff Plumb

Jeff Plumb from PingSkills said...

on the 13-Jan-2009 11:01:18 PM
Hi Kon, Mark V is certainly a very good rubber. Cheers, Jeff.

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