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Harry Unknown

Harry Unknown Asked 12 years ago

I recently play with one of the cheap hardbats. I have been looking on your site and realized that that is not the way to play ping pong. I was looking to buy a new bat that will be better than my old one. Could you take a look at this one and tell me if it is worth buying?

Thank You very much

Jeff Plumb

Jeff Plumb Answered 12 years ago

Hi Harry,

I have never personally used this bat but looking at the details on the website, I would say it looks like a decent bat to be using. You will be able to generate spin with the bat which is the most crucial thing. In order to really improve in Table Tennis you need to be able to generate spin so you can play advanced strokes and learn to serve well.

We also have a range of bats in our online store which we recommend. Delivery usually takes around 1 week to countries outside Australia.


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