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D K Asked 2 months ago

Greetings Coach,

last few weeks I have trained in another club encountering a few girls. In training, they were unable to lift my chop, they were unable to catch my loop (I was not even using my full power, I was only using warm-up technical loop), they were unable to keep their own pace when I was blocking their loops. One of them even told me if I can insert my hand anywhere on the table. I was only blocking passively. Against my chops, they were not only unable to lift it but they were unable to return it by any stroke at all. In half hour, I got maybe two or three chops back...they were very desperate, sad, one even crying and complaining about arm pain.

But later, when we were playing matches at the end of training, the girls were ripping my chops from both wings, doing both triple-bounce dropshots and sharp, deep pushes, far stronger than mine. I was completely unable to play anything. One of the girls was able to serve eight ace serves to me within a single set!

Simply, in training I felt like I am training with beginners with maybe a few months of practise since they started learning topspin. In matches, I felt like I am playing with experienced professionals.
I have checked their overall level compared to other players at the training unit and the coaches revealed that the girls are almost the weakest members, except for some kids, and that I am stronger than about 60% of the training unit. Later I proved I can at least pose a threat to almost all other players there.
Then, what could cause that immense difference in the girl's play?
Even the coaches told me the girls are bad against defense and materials. In training they looked so. In match, I did not even have a chance to actually use some defense or materials.
Do you have any explanation for this?


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 2 months ago

Hi Dan,

Hard to explain but maybe they weren't focusing too much on the one thing and were watching more broadly.  This might mean they weren't as stressed about lifting the chops and played more freely in matches.

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D K Posted 2 months ago

I am quite confused.  One of the girls even begged me to reduce the power and spin of my strokes already during warm-up,when she was unable to return my quarter-power loops. I was not even trying,but she kept sending the blocks very high and behind the table. When I was blocking,she was usually unable to do two loops in a row. But during match,any loop from me was immediately bombed despite that it was random. They also had no problem to lift my chops in match,or just bomb through them.


Jasper Low

Jasper Low Posted 2 months ago

That's very odd. How do they play in official matches? 


D K Posted 2 months ago

Hard to compare.

Officially they play the First State Female League. That is second highest female league in my country. Both girls have around 40% of victories there.
Since in that league they only play with other girls similar by level and age,I can hardly compare.
I can only compare them according to training matches on the training,where they only defeat few weakest kids.

chrizz msweb

chrizz msweb Posted 2 months ago

I believe they trick you.   Pretend to be weak when it's not real match.   


D K Posted 2 months ago

That could make sense but WHY would they do it?


D K Posted 2 months ago

They would have to trick the entire training unit,as they lose to most other members

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