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afzainizam dugoh

afzainizam dugoh Asked 11 years ago

Hi Alois,Jeff,

I'm having difficulty playing against opponent using long pimple.i know i can determine the type of spin that i want like you guys thought.but sometime the effect of the pimple is so difficult to return.i.e the ball wobble,the ball seems like stopping in the middle of the air etc.i cant topspin right,push right and this lead to my opponent easy point due to my mistake in returning the ball.i'm so frustrated in this because my opponent totally depending on their pimple for their winning.

A lot of the competition that was held in my area are won by players who used pimple as their rubber.if pimple rubber is so effective i'm wondering why arent a lot of top players of the world using this rubber?is it easy for them to play against this rubber or do they know the 'key' to play against this type of rubber?i'm frustated to alot of player who totaly depends on this rubber..normal rubber rulez.......thank you.....

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Hi Afzainizam,

I understand your frustration.  Firstly, you need to hit a lot more balls against the long pimples to truly understand them. This is a long process but here are some tips.

Try the simple tactic of pushing one and then hitting the next one.

Don't give them too much spin to work with, because that is when they can get the ball to wobble.

Keep the game as simple as you can.

The first thing though is the most important... get as much hitting as you can against the pimples. 

The reason it is not popular at the higher level is because it is difficult to generate your own spin and the other player has the advantage of dictating what type of spin is on the ball. The main reason it is effective at the lower levels is because players have not had experience against it.  Once you get experience it is easy to dominate against the long pimples.

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