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Alberto Martínez

Alberto Martínez Asked 6 years ago

Hi coach,

I'm from Mexico and I'm beginning playing as a chopper. I already have some good skills with my backhand chop (i use a TSP Curl P1R 1.5) and forehand chop. For forehand I use Tenergy 64-fx. My Tenergy needs a change but due to its high cost, I want an alternative... Can you recommend me a forehand rubber(non Chinese)? For chopping and also for strong attacks (smash, drives, loops) and that produce tons of spin (specially in serves). Many people recommended me these rubbers: Donic Baracuda, Tibhar Nimbus, Yasaka Rakza 7,Joola Rhyzm P, Xiom vega pro and vega europe, donic blue fire m2, andro rasanter r47, andro rasant powergrip, i now jajaja many rubbers but i don't know what to choose. Can you recommend me one from your opinion and one from the list that I gave you? Please :D 

Jeff Plumb

Jeff Plumb Answered 6 years ago

Hi Alberto,

We certainly aren't equipment experts and don't try a lot of different rubbers so our advice might not be the best on this subject. We tend to believe that as long as you have something decent that suits your game then improving your technique will make the biggest difference. So all of the rubbers you mention do sound OK to me but of the list I have only used Xiom Vega Pro so if I had to choose one to recommend to you that would be it.

If anyone else has some thoughts please leave a comment to help Alberto.

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D K Posted 6 years ago

ALberto,what blade are you using?


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