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rajesh jha

rajesh jha Asked 11 years ago

Hi coach,

I have been playing table tennis for 8 months now. I started by playing in my office canteen. After 3 months i thought of actually learning the game when i came across ur wonderful site. I did not have a lot of serious partners to train with. But i tried to learn the basics from ur site. I have a decent backhand but my forehand is a little erroneous which i primarliy think is only because of lack of practice.I recently started going to a club where the coach want s me to change my forehand counterhit action. My action is very much similar to wat has been shown in ur site. I have a slight topspin on my counterhits which is decreasing with practice daily. But my coach wants me to change my action to incorporate more of elbow and he asks me to come forward with the shot and not really that much up.He asks me to return to position in a circular pattern. 

He refuses to coach me otherwise. I m at  a complete loss. Wat shud i do. Please help. Thanks

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 11 years ago

Hi Rajesh,

Try his way of hitting.  He is teaching you the basic control of the stroke and hitting.  It will be OK to do it that way.  Later when you want to progress to the topspin you will change your stroke to being more vertical. 

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