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julian gil

julian gil Asked 8 years ago

hi alois and jeff, im a penholder and ive been playing a lot since i started and now i playing quite decently, a few days ago, i started practicing the basic forehand stroke and backhand stroke but now moving backwards so i can get away from the table a bit, my idea is to start making short rallies with both forehand and backhand, what tips could you give me to improve mi topspin far from the table, the thing is that i can make 3 to four strokes, but as the rally gets longer the ball is going to go faster and thats where i cant continue using the proper stroke and i do not apply the technique correctly.

thank you in advance 

greetings from colombia :)

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Julian,

The main thing with playing the strokes from away from the table is that they can be a longer stroke.  You need to focus on the strokes landing deep on you opponents side of the table. This will make it harder for them to make a strong shot at you.

You can also vary the speed and height of the ball which again will make it harder for your opponent to make a strong shot.

Maintain your stroke and make sure it is a little bigger to get the depth. 

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julian gil

julian gil Posted 8 years ago

thank you very much for your time, ill take these tips and apply them to my game, best regards julian

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