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Pronit Roy Chowdhury

Pronit Roy Chowdhury Asked 10 years ago

How can i increase my quickness in the footwork sir? Thanks in advance.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Pronit,

You should make sure you have the movements correct first.  Watch the lesson on Footwork Basics.  Do this slowly to get it right.  Then it is a matter of practicing a lot of footwork drills.  You can find these in our free download of Training Drills.  You can do them slowly again but then get your training partner to speed up the balls to the set spots and work on moving faster and more efficiently.  Start with the two ball drills and then progress to 3 and 4 ball drills.  Eventually you can get to the random drills as well.  You will see these all when you download the Training Drills.

For more help on this we have a DVD available called Training Secrets Revealed which will show you all of the drills as well as take you through how to train and structure your sessions. 

Footwork does take a long time to get it to work well in a game situation. 

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Kevin Z

Kevin Z Posted 10 years ago

Wearing just 2 ankle weights of 1 kg each and then remove them when I'm going to play helps me move like a mad man. I usually put them on for at least 3 hours+ before table tennis.

andrew brand

andrew brand Posted 10 years ago

Kevin, i like the idea of the leg-weights. do you use them when doing footwork drills?

Kevin Z

Kevin Z Posted 10 years ago

I've never tried that, but it would help your legs too I guess. More resistance while doing a footwork drill.

Justin Lance

Justin Lance Posted 10 years ago

Kevin, does your timing become inaccurate when you take off the weights, or do you just begin to move faster?

Kevin Z

Kevin Z Posted 10 years ago

For example if I would move from backhand corner to forehand corner I am there much faster than if I wouldn't wear them before training. So yes, it just makes you move faster.

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