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John Vancott

John Vancott Asked 7 years ago

The second best player at our club (was the best player for 10 years) strikes the ball very early to create less time for his opponent. In doing so, he was teaching me last night how to move forward on balls hit to my FH in order to strike it earlier and with more power.  I'm a left-hander and he said I should step forward with my right foot to go forward---this gives more balance to generate more speed. He's right in that by doing that I was more balanced and could generate more power for that specific shot. The problem was (and I didn't mention this to him) is that I was out of position for the next shot he hit to me. I'm very vulnerable in that position. From studying online and at ping skills I've noticed that reaching forward means my left foot should step forward... and then I notice the top players will then flick the ball very fast from that reaching position...  Could you recommend the best footwork for trying to get the ball very early on the FH side---in which case it often means having to reach or move forward to make the shot?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 7 years ago

Hi John,

If the ball is really short where you can’t get your right leg in close enough to the table then you should step in with your left.  Ideally id you can get close enough with your right leg then that is preferable because you will be bale to generate more power.

Think about it like your left leg will do all the work.  The closer to the net the ball is the further forward your left leg will be.

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John Vancott

John Vancott Posted 7 years ago


Thank you. Your answer helps me out quite a bit. I knew there was something wrong with my footwork with respect to my forehand side. I wasn't getting the power I expected on certain shots. I had been a little confused about this issue of the right foot moving forward. You have clarified this for me. Now I see what I've been doing wrong and I will start practicing to fix this problem over the next couple weeks. This will make a big difference for me going forward. John.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario from PingSkills Posted 7 years ago

Good to hear it John.

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