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miriam sakewitz

miriam sakewitz Asked 8 years ago

I am a female player of 3-4 years and I have had some coaching.  My ex plays on the same league I do and has been telling me I have to step two feet back after I serve, yet every other coach tells me to stay close to the table?  Which is it.

Also, I play all men on my league; I and one other girl who is usually injured from her soccer are the only ones on this "top 25" game.  My ex also wants me to attack every shot, whereas I prefer to pick my shots.  I am shorter and I have to be in position.

I have been reading many articles about the difference in the women's game and how they stay close to the table.  Grant it I am a natural receiver so most of my aggressive shots only make it from mid distance away from the table, but I'd prefer to learn the footwork that will benefit me as a woman player in the long run as it is very difficult for me (despite I'm a good athlete) to play a power game against a male.

Thanks, Miriam

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Miriam,

Your position after the serve needs to be a position that you feel comfortable in.  Each player is a bit different in the distance.  You are right in general, the women's game is played a little closer to the table.

I think you can still look to make an attack when you can, especially as you progress.  The more opportunities you give your opponent the more difficult it will become.

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