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mat huang

mat huang Asked 10 years ago

Sorry, but this is a double, which is completely not related except for the fact that they are both from tt

1 What training should you do to improve on your footwork and travel faster or to get to the ball and do a good stroke

2 Do you recommend tibhar blades and rubbers. I know the blade and the rubber you point out, but if you ignore the price, which rubbers would you use or recommend.

Thank you so much

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Mat,

There is no replacement for repetitive footwork drills.  Choose some drills from our Training Drills free download.  These are also all explained in our Training Secrets course.

Do as many of these drills as often as you can when you train and you will find your footwork starting to improve.  As your footwork improves your strokes will improve as well because you will be more balanced to play your stroke and in a better position.

Regarding Tibhar equipment, they have a good name.  It is always just a matter of finding something that is right for you.  I really don't know which one I would use.  I just don't place that much importance on it.

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