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Angelica Landry

Angelica Landry Asked 5 years ago

This question relates to footwork when changing from a backhand to a forehand stroke (either in coaching drills or in a match). I think it might be a bit tricky to describe but I'll do my best!

I play the backhand shot on the left side of the table, with both feet more or less square to the table.  Now I want to move across to the right, to play the forehand shot - with my right foot further back than my left - so I shuffle across, pushing off with my left foot and moving my right foot across first.  That feels quite natural, but when I want to move back again to the left side of the table (for backhand), should I step first with my left or my right foot?

Maybe I'm analysing it too much but I'd love to hear your reply please.

Thanks a lot.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 5 years ago

Hi Angelica,

You can use either leg to start the movement.

I tend to use my leading leg but Jeff tends to use his following leg to make that first movement.  See what works for you.

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Angelica Landry

Angelica Landry Posted 5 years ago

That's great to know!  Thanks very much Alois.

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