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yong chen

yong chen Asked 10 years ago

Hi i have 2 footwork problems currently.  i totally don't have any idea on how to move forward and backwards or vice versa.  So definitely i did not move.  Another problem is i have difficulties moving to balls that land on the side of the table both for backhand and forehand side.any advice?and for balls that land on the side of the table are they attackable?both that come out from the table or does not go out of the table?and lastly how do u move in to a shot ball and it is it ok to use my left leg instead of my right leg(i am a right hander) to receive short balls tat land on my backhand side of the table?

how do i also move to the backhand corner and use my fh from the backhand?and after the stroke how should i recover for my next shot?and how do i recover after a shot.and it is a must to recover and go back to the neutral ready position everytime?

Please kindly advice me.thanks a lot

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 10 years ago

Hi Yong,

If it is a short ball that you are going to push then move in with your right foot if you are a right hander. Step in and then back put to the ready position.

If you are away from the table and then want to move back into the ready position then move both feet.  You can move in a sideways shuffle movement like you do when moving across the table, just angle your movement so that it brings you into the table. 

To pivot around your backhand corner to make a forehand the movement is once again the same.  Use the side shuffle step and angle it around the corner.

We have a DVD on several drills that will show you how to make the movements and how to do the footwork correctly.  Purchase a copy of Training Secrets Revealed.  It will really help your game. 

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