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Robert Ramazani

Robert Ramazani Asked 8 years ago

Hi Guys,

Last weekend our team Armidale tt went to challenge Coffs Harbour. I am ranking 1 in Armidale and i have improve my game from ranking 22 to 1 within our club but of course other team and other style of game which i don't know how to play against them. My problem is every time i think that i am going to lose or i need to be more careful, i go to defensive mode and i start chopping the balls that i easily i can put away and that is how i have end up losing against some Coffs Harbour players, by only two points and as i go to safety mode. Every time they send me a backhand serve to my backhand long instead of backhand loop, i chop it and sometimes i just put the serve out. As i was counting i give six point to their number one by chopping the serve.

How do i get my mind set to play a same game every time i have only playing for two years, is it because i still developing a style? I can chop as good as i can loop so am I a chopper or looper?

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Robert,

Firstly well done on improving so fast in your club.  The next step is to see if you can become more attacking in important matches.  Have a mind set that you are going to topspin each time you get the opportunity.  Try to do this first in easier matches.  As you get more confident you will also be bale to do this in more important situations.

It is a good strategy to apply.  The backhand topspin can take a little longer again but you will get there if you are determined to play that way.

When they play that Backhand serve, watch the ball carefully and make position with your feet first and then see if you can make the backhand topspin.  There will be lots of errors before you become confident with it.

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