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ganesh burra

ganesh burra Asked 8 years ago

Hi Alois,

1.When playing with Orange ball can I ask my opponent not to wear Orange T-shirt, because the ball may get mixed while he blocks making it difficult to trace.

2. Is wearing Shorts compulsory while playing?, at a local club I was not allowed to play as I was wearing Tracks.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Ganesh,

You are not allowed to wear a colour that clashes with the ball colour.

Here is an extract from the Match Officials Handbook:

The main colour of clothing must be clearly different from that of the ball in use, but the “main” colour does not necessarily mean the colour occupying the greatest area. A solid patch of colour on the front of a shirt that covers only 40% of the area may still be the dominant colour, whereas a much larger percentage of the same colour evenly dispersed could be relatively unnoticeable. The purpose of this clause is to ensure visibility of the ball, and for that reason the colour of the back of the shirt can be disregarded.

You strictly have to wear shorts however the Referee may allow tracksuits if it is too cold or for some other legitimate reason.


Here is another extract:


A player may not normally wear any part of a tracksuit during play but in some circumstances the referee may give permission for him or her to do so. Examples of such circumstances are extreme cold in the playing hall, with the consequent risk of muscle strain, or a leg disability or injury that the player prefers to keep covered. If a tracksuit is worn in play, it must comply with the requirements for playing clothes.

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ganesh burra

ganesh burra Posted 8 years ago

Thanks a lot Alois

ganesh burra

ganesh burra Posted 8 years ago

Oh today I am finding this on Facebook, seems like I asked a good question. Very happy Alois.

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