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Peter Kuskie

Peter Kuskie Asked 8 years ago


Our club (Moreton Bay, just north of Brisbane - is holding what we believe is the first ever women's only national women's table tennis event in Australia.  (We are ok to be corrected if this is not right).  It is being held at our club on the 21st of September 2013 (  Those who have nominated thus far include Michelle Beaumont and Vy Bui.

The reason I am writing is that we are wanting to put together for showing on the day, a photo gallery of Australian women table tennis players.  There are plenty it seems from 2000 onward but they are seemingly scarce before that.

What led us down this track is that Mick McShane a Former Olympic referee and member of our club told us he was inviting former lady players of his vintage (a spritely 80 years) to come and watch the event.

As a result we are wondering if some of your readers would have pictures of a bygone era of women playing table tennis in this country.  They do not need to be champions - just women playing our great sport in club fixtures and at Open's etc.  The older the photo the better.  We will acknowledge the source and photographer if known.  the year the photo was taken would be great too.  Anything before 2000 is desirable.

If anyone is able to help it would really be appreciated.  We are really wanting to lift the profile of women's table tennis in this country and are offering prize money which, we believe, elevates the standing and regard for which women players should be held.  They are just as dedicated as our male players, yet all too often the reward is but a fraction of what the men receive.  

Photo's can be sent to

(ps there is still time to enter our Women's only event.  Simply go to the Nomination Page at the web site

Thank you,
Peter Kuskie,
Moreton Bay Table Tennis Association

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Peter,

I think this is a great initiative.  If anyone has anything that they can send through to Peter it would be great to support what he and the club are doing.

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