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Akhil Aseeja

Akhil Aseeja Asked 3 years ago

There are many types of serves but what are the difference between them. In any serve we can vary spin speed placement. We can vary every serve at any spin speed and placement. So,what is difference between them. For e.g. in pendulum serve also we can do spin,speed placement.And in punch serve (par gerrel) also we can do all spin speed placement. So,what are the difference between all the serves. If there is a difference please give example also of the serves.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 3 years ago

Hi Akhil,

There are an infinite number of serves that you can do.

Take a look through our Serving and Receiving section.  In there you will find some suggestions of serves especially the Must Learn Serves.

The different spins, speed and placement of each serve will give your opponent a slightly different serve to deal with.   They may curve a different way or give a different spin altogether.  Each player has a preference at a particular time as to what they are looking for.  If you can find something that they are not wanting or expecting then you have an effective serve.  Use the wide variety of serves and variations to find that serve that will be effective at any given point.


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