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Peter Boothman

Peter Boothman Asked 6 years ago

Hi, What is the reason for bats having a black and red side. Also does a top quality bat have any advantages  once I am up to scratch as a reasonably skillful table tennis player?

Regards  Peter Boothman

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 6 years ago

Hi Peter,

The reason the bats have a black and red is because then it is easy to tell which side of the racket the opponent is using.  This is because a player can have two very different types of rubber on the two sides, one very fast and one very slow.  By the colours being distinct you can tell which side they have hit the ball with.

As far as the level of bat there are a few levels that you need to consider.  Take a look at our video on Choosing a Table Tennis Bat which will show you the levels we are talking about.  The higher level bats have more speed and spin ability which can be beneficial for a higher level player but which can also be harmful to a lower level player.


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