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Hatem Tawfik

Hatem Tawfik Asked 6 years ago

Hi Coach,

Nothing frustrates me more than opponents with long pips, especially blockers . If I attack with normal drives or with  spins I find the ball landing either in the net or going outside. If I do not attack they attack with "snap" shots and the ball comes to me in a very weird way that totally confuses me. If I push the ball, it goes high and they attack it!

All in all I prefer to be the one that initiates things and attack but as I said I keep missing either to the net or the ball is too long, spin or no spin . What can I do?

Thank you

Best regards


Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 6 years ago

Hi Hatem,

Sounds like you are at the first stage of playing against long pimples.  Try to play against it as much as you can to gain experience with the different effects the rubber has.

When you push the ball to the long pips, it will come back to you with a little topspin.  SO that next ball you should come over the ball rather than push it.  Because you are pushing a topspin ball the ball is going high and they are able to attack it.

When you attack to it with topspin it will come back with some backspin and that is why the next shot is going into the net.

The effect from he pimples is consistent so it is a matter of learning and experiencing what that effect is so that you can learn to react quickly and play the appropriate shot.

Try to find someone that uses the long pips and ask them to practice with you.  This is the best way to gain experience.

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