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Rajdeep Paul Raj

Rajdeep Paul Raj Asked 4 months ago

Can you give me also a suggestion... yesterday in a tournament, my opponent hit me flat in every service, every receive... which was out of my control ability... I couldn't even touch any ball, even sometimes I couldn't see the ball... rarely he did topspin, also with very fast and close bat angle... there was no rally, every points were ending at 2nd or 3rd ball... I lost the game in 3-0 (each game under 5)... how can I force my opponent to do a loop topspin, and resist from doing this... [I often serves backhand mix spin (backspin+side spin) like ruwen filus and same with pimple rubber, rarely as a variation, and very very rarely do forehand serves, and almost every serves of opponent I receive with pimple (red feint long 2 (1.1)) and my opponent seemed more dangerous than kirill gerassimenko]

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 4 months ago

Hi Rajdeep,

It sounds like your opponent is very good so you have to take that into account.

Think about making the serve shorter and sometimes long to stop him from making a strong return.  It is about making the first attack more difficult for the attacking player.  Also think about making some more attacks yourself to break up the rhythm.  Experiment with different positions on the table and also heights of the ball.  Surprisingly, sometimes the attacker doesn't like the defensive ball a bit higher.

It is worth experimenting with a few things if you are in this position again.

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D K Posted 3 months ago

Rajdeep,I have experience with a player who is similar to what yo udescribe.
From what yo uwrote,I assume you are a modern chopper,right?

I know a powerful player,who violently bombs even balls which look like unsmashable,he is a high risk player although he has some control when needed.
However,if he uses control,he greatly slows down.
He is good at serving both very fast and long,also very short and spinny.
He dares to smash with full force even against extremely low or short balls. My attack power is nothing compared to his.
I was not able to defeat him,but I was able to cause serious trouble to him several times.
I am not sure how much is your opponent similar.
What I was able to use to cause trouble:
1)short serves. I mean SHORT. Varying spin and majorly placement. Basically,I returned his own service pattern.
2)length variance of returns.
In first set with him,I was able to even dominate the set by harshly varying length of the ball.
My most successful combination was receiving his long serve shortly,forcing him to come in as he was too far,and then I pushed long to him,causing hinm to overshoot.
3)Keeping the ball low. I mean LOW.
4)Footwork. I am by no means any fast player. But this man was one of those who tested my footwork to its maximum extent.
when I pushed,I made sure to be about 4 metres from the table (since I am a chopper) to cover his blast range.
I was using a space normally used for 3 tables. Surprisingly,I was not attacking too much.
But do not take it as an example :D I do not know the exact style of your opponent or your own style.
I know well your opponent can be much weaker than it seems and vice-versa,since if you are much lower level than me,you can see even my shots as bullet bombs and vice-versa.

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