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pradeep chowdhary

pradeep chowdhary Asked 8 years ago

I can return the serve or return the ball with top or back spin but the no spin serve mostly go out of the table while flicking or goes in the net. Pl give me some tips to be comfortable with no spin ball. One of my colleagues is winning lot of points due to this.

I will be very much thankful if you can help me get out of this humiliation.

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 8 years ago

Hi Pradeep,

As silly as it sounds, the no spin serve can be difficult to deal with, especially if they are serving short and low.

The best thing to start with is to try and keep the return back short and low.  To do this, have a very soft hand and come down almost vertically on the ball on contact.  It is a difficult touch shot to play but can be developed.

In training, get a partner to serve these types of serves with nothing on them and just practice your touch.

The other thing to try is to make a flick shot.  You can see how to do this in our lesson on the Forehand Flick.  If you are making mistakes with it initially, it is OK to put a little topspin on the flick to make it safer.

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