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Kwokching Young

Kwokching Young Asked 3 years ago

I was left frustrated since if I had win that point I might have won but their argument was that it clipped the net and it shouldn't be my point  and I know that as long as it's cross the net it's fine with two bouncesand lucky a qualified sport teacher came across later to point out to students that if it clips the net it a point or that they just got lucky but as long as it cross the net it's fine. So what's your view on that should the rules be changed or kept the way they should as the rule book says.Fustrated when I lose playing by the rules... It's also very fustrating that most of my friends dosn't throw the ball high enough and with a close palm and I lose when they do that 

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 3 years ago

Hi Kwokching,

I think the rule should stay the same.

You should show them the videos in the Rules section on Table Tennis Rules Overview.  You can also show them the Service Rules tutorial.

I think that will help to clear up a lot of problems.  


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Kwokching Young

Kwokching Young Posted 3 years ago

Ok thank you for your answer Alois

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