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Pasquale Mule

Pasquale Mule Asked 5 years ago

Hi Alois, last week i had an eliminatory tournament for the national games of Costa Rica, i classified and i will be playing in July!

It's really hard to classify and its the first time i actually got to classify!

I also have a question:

My old coach, before my parents bought the premium membership, he told me that i should get my wrist to touch my forehead in my forehand topspin and not my bat touching or get near my eyebrow, obviously i do it the way you taught me(near my right eyebrow) since it feels much more correct and consistent, also when i use to train with him and i use to touch my forehead with my wrist, my bat use to cross the middleline of my body which you mentioned it shouldn't. Is the way he has taught me before wrong or its just another way to do the technique? i find finishing near my right eyebrow has given me much more consistency.

Thanks for reading!

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 5 years ago

Hi Pasquale,

Firstly congratulations.  I remember when you first contacted us and you were just starting to play.  You have come a long way!

touching the forehead with your bat or wrist isn't a big difference.  Either way you will get a good stroke.  You are now used to the bat touch so stay with it.

Keep training hard.

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