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Tam Eastwood

Tam Eastwood Asked 4 years ago

Hi Alos, Thought I would give you a summary of how the camp went. So overall I feel really confident with my game going forward. I am very safe on the backhand and can rely on it until the sunsets. Majority of people play the same against chop, spin until it gets heavy then push then repeat. Going forward I think I will take a break from para table tennis and just focus on able-bodied as they play a lot stronger and a lot cleaner. Para, especially in the lower classes is just dirty in terms of constantly pushing and low-quality loops. But what I found, correct me if I am wrong, is that at a high-level chopping is not what wins defenders their matches its when they get their forehand in is when they win the point. How do I make use of this in matches? currently, when they push short I just come in and push with my pimps and go back out again. the majority of the time they drop short to my middle or backhand. I feel that to get my forehand in do I need to learn to step around and play it from the middle? I felt that I was too nervous this week to do so, so I just pushed with my pimps for safety. Also with chopping, i feel there is a lot less margin for error on forehand because you are covering a larger area each spin has to be quality otherwise they can really open you up wide on forehand.. any comments to this would be great.



Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 4 years ago

Hi Tam,

I think playing against Paras is something you should persevere with.  It will teach you another side of chopping even if it is frustrating.
You are right a lot of choppers now win their points from attacking with the forehand.  However, you can also learn to get mistakes from eh opponents with subtle variations of spin on the chop.
When they bring you in close to the table you can also start to think about twiddling and using the rubber for the short pushes.  This gives you some more options including perhaps attacking or flicking that short ball sometimes.  If you always use the pimples they know that they will get a topspin ball that they can attack fast at you while you are close to the table.
Anyway, keep learning and experimenting with the chopping.  Sounds like you are really enjoying it.

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