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Colton Colton

Colton Colton Asked 5 years ago

Hi coach. I was wondering if you have any advice for nervousness during points. It has become a real problem for me playing against my friend. We have played multiple sets and I just can't seem to stop ruining my lead. I have lost from points ranging from 19-17 with me winning and with me winning at a score of 14-7. It's becoming very troublesome and was hoping for some tips :)

Alois Rosario

Alois Rosario Answered 5 years ago

Hi Colton,

This is a really big area of the game.

We have some advice in the Sports Psychology section of the site.

One of the main things is to go back to why you are getting nervous.  Then find simple ways to deal with the increased arousal level.  Things like taking a deep breath can work for you.  You need to get your mind away from focusing on the score and the situation of the match and turning more to the process of the game and enjoying the playing.

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